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Finally, you can travel by car without feeling any neck or shoulder pain.




Made of high-quality leather and thickened memory foam. It has a slow rebound, no odor, and is easy to clean.


Primarily designed for long trips when you cannot avoid falling asleep due to fatigue.


Provides a good sleep position for travel, supports the side of the head, and relieves neck pressure from neck pain. The height of the headrest can be adjusted according to the height of different people to achieve the most comfortable position.


Mainly designed to provide passengers head neck support while fall asleep in the car, giving a more comfortable nap time. Ideal for napping on short trips and even better for passengers that fall asleep on long road trips.


It will comfortably support the head and neck on the side, relax muscles, and prevent neck palpitations caused by prolonged bending, fatigue, and pain. Hence, it protects you from headaches and vomiting.


Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

"This product is functional in its purpose. I bought it for my teen to use during road trips and it works well for her. She said it’s soft and comfortable. It seems to be a better fit for kids rather than adults but I honestly only tried it out when I installed it and haven’t given it a long term try yet myself. We haven’t needed to remove it since it was installed. Just pop up the sides when not in use and they are out of the way."

Terry Rusch

"This thing is great!! I finally pulled the trigger and bought one for my 6 yr old and 10 yr old to use on a car trip we're taking this weekend. They also have those neck pillows, but they don't like to use them for some reason. I'm so glad I finally got this. It looks really nice, very easy to move into any position, and fits snug and tight on the headrest. My husband tried it out last night and approves as well."

J. Whitestone

"Very often I travel long distances that range from 100 miles, so a good dream, and not to be tired, are very important to me! Previously, my neck always hurt from sleeping in the car or just from a long journey, and I was looking for exactly something like this product! It is very convenient and easy to use on the way, or when you stop to sleep or relax while maintaining the position of your spine in a wretched position, you can no longer ache at all! I advise any driver to have this beautiful thing! Believe me - it will be needed!"

Maddie Rayford

"Looks very good after install. Actually looks like it came with the car. I've been trying to get my son to take a nap so she can test it. It didn’t take long to install. It works well for my son. It seems sturdy and provides Enough support. Easy to install took me less than 10 minutes to unbox and set it up perfectly with all adjustments."

Kira A. Morris

"I bought this headrest because we were going on a 4,000-mile road trip. My wife, son, and I took turns driving and sitting in the back seat to rest using the headrest. The headrest looks good and blends in with the interior of my truck. I definitely recommend this headrest if you are planning on driving long distances."

Mike Martinez

"I bought this headrest pillow to try out with my wife. She easily falls asleep during trips. She found the headrest a nice alternative to a pillow stuffed between the seat back and door. The headrest was a very tight fit due to the large headrest this attached to. I would recommend this product and plan to purchase a second one."

Patrick W. Kelley

"The product itself is great and feels very nice to the touch. We bought two of these for our 7 and 11-year-olds. Great purchase. Just took a 7-hour car trip and they both slept comfortably and were not all twisted like usual. Could be a little thicker pad but other than that works perfectly better than anything we’ve tried over the past 20 years. My wife is considering getting one for herself. We highly recommend it."

Jean Hall

"I tried various solutions to help my kids sleep on the road. Otherwise, they tend to be grumpy. Those sleeping pillows on the seat belt were a little bit helpful. The air pillows are a little bit helps as well. it's a pain to blow them up and provides limited support. With those products, kids end up sleeping in all kinds of weird positions, no good for road safety. This one is by far the most helpful and the safest solution. Anyway, you cannot expect it to be as comfortable as sleeping on your real pillows."

Denis W.

"I got this product for my 4-year-old daughter on long rides, it worked perfectly no matter what side of the car she was on. Made me sad when I got a new vehicle and could no longer use it since the headrests in the rear were not adjustable, so now we just use it in grandmas car. I'm driving long distances to work recently. My daughter was very satisfied so that she could take a nap on the way. Definitely recommend."

Denis Mindy

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